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Assyrian Dance - Coming Together in Skokie

Presenting Assyrian wedding at "Coming Together in Skokie" Skokie January 29 2012. Singer: Sargon Youkhana, Dance: "Khoshaba dance group"

Георгий на выпускном экзамене.

Георгий Биджамов. Композитор Завальный, "Мелодия любви"

New Year Party

Home Video New year 2010, song "Nineveh Khleeta" by Stella Rezgo.

Nineveh performing freestyle

Found some old videos and had to share with friends.

Chicago Christmas 2009 Windows

Chicago Traditional Marshall Field's (now Macy's) Windows Decoration. 2009 Theme is Letters to Santa.

ვერის უბნის მელოდიები Veris Ubnis Melodiebi 4

ვერის უბნის მელოდიები ანა ბანა ია ნინიძე მაია კანკავა Мелодии Верийского кварт...

ვერის უბნის მელოდიები Veris Ubnis Melodiebi 10

სიმღერა ფილმიდან ვერის უბნის მელოდიები 25 დეკემბერსა. სოფიკო ჭიაურელი ია...


Gubareh dance. Assyrian 2009 Convention picnic. September 7, Dundee, IL.

Robert's Christening

Robert Saliba. Russian Orthodox Church near Chicago.

Георгий - Серенада Солнечной долины Sun Valley Serenade

Георгий и Полина на концерте в музыкальной школе. George and Pauline - recital.

Kadeh Lebanese Assyrians Style

Assyrians from around the world have a tradition to make kadeh for Easter and Christmas. See recipe below. Kadeh, however differ from country to country. These are Lebanese style kadeh, made...

"Mkhiaruli romani" მხიარული რომანი

This is a song from 1972 Georgian movie "Mkhiaruli romani" ("Merry romance"). "Why did you go so far away? I long to be near you. I suffer from loneliness and I don't ask for much: being your...

"Mkhiaruli romani" - Imghere rame იმღერე რამე

One of my favorite songs from 1972 Georgian movie "Mkhiaruli romani" ("Merry romance") I could not find it anywhere on Youtube, so I decided to upload it myself. If anyone has another version...

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