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Healing Light Reiki

Animal Reiki

Reiki is not only for humans! Animals can, and do, benefit tremendously from Reiki. And, since animals are especially sensitive and receptive to energy, this healing modality is truly effective...

Alternative Reiki Session: Distant Reiki

Reiki is energy and therefore doesn't require the recipient to be physically present in the same location with the practitioner. Distant Reiki is a wonderful option when traveling is not convenien...

Alternative Reiki Session: Seated Reiki

For those who find it difficult to get on a treatment table, or for others who may be home-bound or hospitalized, this video demonstrates one alternative to a typical Reiki Treatment Session:...

Reiki Treatment Session

What happens during a Reiki Session? This video will answer your questions!

Reiki Introduction

Answers basic question: What is Reiki?

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